Landlord installs same locks for neighbors, woman wakes up to smiling intruder

(KXAN via CNN Newsource)

A South Austin woman says she is terrified to go to bed after a man walked into her apartment and stared at her while she slept.

How did it happen? She says her apartment complex changed all the locks and some tenants had the same key.

"He's walking to me and then he trips. And when he trips i know I'm no longer alone," Ronda said. "He was just standing and he just froze and he was just smiling. I remember him smiling."

Ronda shot up out of bed and ran to her bedroom door.

She called 911, but when police arrived there wasn't a man in the apartment and they say there was no evidence of forced entry.

That's when Ronda remembered this text she got from her landlord.

"We will have all units re-keyed and we will get you new keys today," the text said.

She says those keys were the same as her neighbors and went next door to see for herself. Her key fit their lock as well.

Apartment complex owners say they hired an independent contractor to change the locks, who bought the locks from a hardware store and they were unaware that two had the same key.

Once they discovered the problem, they changed the locks again. But Ronda says it's too late, the damage is done.

"I cannot sleep. There is no way i can close my eyes," she said.

Ronda didn't want to show her face because the intruder has not been arrested.She has since filed a police report.

The Austin Police Department says they are actively investigating.

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