Large homeless camp shut down on San Antonio's Westside

Large homeless camp shut down

Major changes have occurred this week along Rousseau Street on San Antonio’s Westside.

"We appreciate it so much,” said Natalie Rohde.

A large homeless camp has worried many nearby residents for weeks. Some parents were concerned, because the camp was located near Nora Forester Elementary School. However, on Thursday, San Antonio police, city crews, and Haven for Hope, cleaned it up.

"I didn't think they were going to do this extensive of a cleanup,” said Rohde. “I'm glad to see they did."

During our report last week, we noticed at least 6 homeless people walking near Potranco Road and Rousseau Street. Also, drone video showed an extensive camp partially hidden in the woods.

A bulldozer was used to clean the area on Thursday.

"We want them to get help,” said Rohde. “We want them to be productive members of society. We'll do whatever it takes to help them along the way."

It’s unknown how many people had been living at the camp, but we’re told some of them went to Haven for Hope.

"We want to bring these folks in as much as possible,” said Celeste Eggert from Haven for Hope. "I don't know if that there are more camps, or if they're finding them more easily."

“Since the inception of the homeless encampment outreach initiative in January 2017, a total of 236 events have been completed on 147 sites resulting in 564 homeless identified,” said Roland Martinez from the Department of Human Services. “A total of 120, or 21%, of the homeless identified accepted services to Haven for Hope.”

Officials were unable to confirm if any of the homeless people at the Rousseau Street camp relocated to Haven for Hope.

The land along Rousseau Street will soon be transformed into a city park.

"We'll move forward from this,” said Rohde. “Hopefully, sooner or later, we'll have a great park for everyone to come visit.”

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