Last Chance Ministries building up West Side children through sports program


SAN ANTONIO -- Almost 700 children on the city's West Side participate in Last Chance Ministries' Christian Sports Organization.

The organization has been a part of the community for the last four years, and it continues to grow.

"Though sports we're keeping these children off the streets," said Pastor Jimmy Robles.

Children from as young as three years old to seventeen are able to participate in a variety of sports including baseball, soccer, and basketball.

"We'd like to say we're training future champions on the West Side," Robles went on to say.

Dolores Gonzales tells Fox San Antonio, the organization has not only changed her life, but her children's. "I wasn't active with them, and they started playing and it actually got me emotional for them to see that they can have fun with other people," Gonzalez added.

In order to keep going with its mission, the Christian Sports Organization is in need of more sports equipment, repairs to their dug outs and a new fence because the current one is a rental. Plus, the field located off of Frio City Road is in need of some work.

All of the work the organization does is for the children. "No matter what they've been through - was it a bad morning, the screaming, the yelling , maybe a bad night - when they come here, it's all smiles. It's about doing their best and participating," said Team Mom Priscilla Lopez.

Through sports and teamwork, it's all about building pride on the West Side.

If you'd like to donate, Last Chance Ministries accepts equipment donations at its 404 Brady Boulevard location.

You can also donate your time as well. The Christian Sports Organization is always in need of volunteers.

For more information you can call (210) 227-4451 or Email:

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