Lightning strikes destroy multiple homes in one neighborhood

Lightning destroys San Antonio home

One family is sifting through rubble, after their house erupted in flames last weekend.

Dora Candi, and her 10-year-old son, had been asleep in their home along Amber Rose last Saturday.

Dora says their home was hit by lightning, and now everything inside is destroyed.

"We don't have too much furniture, but we lost all of it,” said Dora. "The house was shaking, but I didn't know it was hit. I couldn't imagine that would happen."

Neighbors tell us they’re noticing a trend.

"Every time there's a lightning storm, there's a fire in Alamo Ranch,” said Kyle Sinclair.

We were unable to confirm lightning induced fire information with officials on Friday. However, we did report on another fire in Alamo Ranch last August. That one was also caused by lightning, about a half mile from Dora’s.

"2 houses had the same problem,” said Dora. “We didn't think it would happen to us."

Kyle believes the lightning induced fires could be caused from gas lines built in attics within Alamo Ranch.

"Mine is literally 6 inches from the roof,” said Kyle. “A gas pipe. If it were to hit my house, I’d have the same problem this family did."

It’s an issue Kyle would like resolved, before another lightning storm strikes.

"They need to contact the builder, and potential class action,” said Kyle. “I just don't know if anyone has put it all together, that there's a problem."

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