Local attorney speaks on President Trump's immigration proposal

Local attorney speaks on President Trump's immigration proposal

SAN ANTONIO - Thousands of immigrants reacting to President Donald Trump's proposal to end the longest shutdown in the country's history.

The proposal calls for temporary protection for both DACA and immigrants using TPS.

For one local immigration attorney it doesn't make his clients sleep any easier tonight.

Immigration attorney Lance Curtright's clients have a lot at stake during negotiations in DC to end the government shut down.

"I want this to end," President Trump said on Saturday.

On Saturday, President Trump proposed giving 700,000 DACA recipients legislative protection and 300,000 immigrants Temporary Protected Status or TPS for three years.

"This is a common sense compromise for both parties to embrace," President Trump said.

Here in San Antonio, the proposal covers several of Curtright's clients.

"There is no permanent solution for DACA at all, there's no permanent solution for TPS at all, and I think that presents a big problem," Curtright said.

In President Trump's plan, adding 75 more immigration judges to handle a backlog of 900,000 cases and a system in which Central American minors can apply for asylum in their own country.

An idea Curtright said needs to be hashed out.

"For these people to be fleeing for their lives in a country, waiting for an appointment while they are fleeing for their lives, it's kind of hard to understand how that would work," Curtright said. "But let's hear what he has to say."

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