Local business man warning of fake check scheme

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SAN ANTONIO -- Bob Wills recieved an unexpected call from his bank, alerting him someone tried to cash a bogus check worth more than $2,100 dollars using his business account.

Wills, the CEO of Quarter Moon Productions says the fraud check was supposedly going to a woman in Virginia. "This is a check that we never wrote, she does not work for us, " Wills added.

Luckily Wills' bank knew something was wrong because of the actual check number. "They jumped too far in sequence."

The person trying to put the fraudulent check through wasn't successful. But, here's where the Bexar County Tax Assessor's Office comes in.

Quarter Moon Productions sent a check to the Tax Assessor's Office back in November to pay their taxes. The production company's check cleared and everything was paid.

The company check was signed by two employees of the production company. Wills says fraudulent check flagged by his bank had the exact two employee signatures, and they were identical.

"Two exact signatures to the check we wrote to the Bexar County Tax Accessor's Office. We're not saying it's the Tax Accessor, we don't know who it is."

Wills went on to say he looked through all of his company's checks over the last year and adds those two employee signatures are the only two that are an exact match.

While he's grateful no money was lost, that's not the case he says for his friend who also owns a business.

"I just want people to be aware of it, and they need to be watching their bank accounts."

A spokesperson for Bexar County says the Tax Assessor's Office is aware of the situation and is looking into it. We're also told no tax payer money has been lost.

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