Local construction company replaces roofs at no cost

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If you suffered roof damage during those relentless spring hail storms you may be in luck.

One local construction company is replacing damaged roofs at no cost to the homeowner.

Walter Crooks of Hill Country Construction said, "God put us here to help each other out, and we like to do things for people that nobody else will do for them."

The roof on this east-side home has seen better days.

When severe weather hit in April, Rosie Morgan said it just made matters worse.

"It's just all of the shingles are coming off and it's old and needs some more on there, it's been coming off," Morgan pointed out.

The entire roof needs to be replaced.

"As you can see it's very well damaged, hail, wind, it's the weather, it's really bad,

Dorian Castro with Hill Country Construction said. "I'm pretty sure she has a lot of leaks inside, a lot of interior damage as well. The house it's just an older house so she really needs it really really bad."

87-year old Morgan can't afford to replace the roof. She has no insurance.

When she found out Hill Country Construction was going to do the work for free she thought it was too good to be true.

Morgan said, "Well I come to the door and I say yes, and it was one man and he was telling me what he was going to do and nobody had told me. But I was glad, and excited uh hm."

Castro said, "It made me feel good inside. Anything like that just seeing a person smile just her gratitude it made me feel happy inside."

Crooks said, "It gives me chicken skin, I call it, you know you get the hairs goose bumps on your arms because I just love to do that you know."

Hill Country Construction is replacing one roof a month for someone in need.

Castro said, "Who doesn't have insurance, who doesn't have money or just down on their luck."

They say business has been good, and it's their way of giving back.

Castro said, "We're making good money right now we're doing actually really good so if we can help somebody else out and give back I mean why not."

To qualify submit your story or the story of a neighbor in need on Facebook. Just search Hill Country Construction.

A winner will be selected once a month.

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