Local mother praying for son bracing Hurricane Irma in Puerto Rico


SAN ANTONIO – A local Leon Valley mother is hanging on to prayers as she thinks about her son riding out Hurricane Irma in Puerto Rico.

Delia Mireles’ son Joe Ocampo is living in San Juan with his children and wife.

They are on the 10th floor of their condo building. “We've been in contact for the last 24 hours thank god. On Facebook Messenger,” says Mireles.

The mother is waiting on updates from her son. She is glued to her IPad.

“The last one that he wrote he's a real jokester. He said we are still alive, in Puerto Rico,” adds Mireles.

Ocampo and his family have been forced to hunker down in their condo.

“In the closet the master closet with the kids. (One in) high school. (One in) pre-school and a first grader and my daughter in law,” explains Mireles.

The major hurricane has already caused extensive damage in the British Virgin Islands.

Our very own Investigative Producer Bryan Eckert is on vacation there with his wife and friends now riding out the storm.

“We lost part of our roof but people we came with they all three other couples had to evacuate their rooms because they lost their roofs. We were pretty lucky,” says Eckert during a phone interview with Fox San Antonio.

He tells us he is safe and they are using the bathroom in their room as a shelter.

“We basically took a mattress into the bathroom which is great that is a concrete hotel,” adds Eckert.

However, for Mireles, prayer is all she can do.

“It's hard. Just pray. That's all we have to have is our faith because right now that is all we can hold on to,” adds Mireles.

This is a developing story. Keep checking back for updates.

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