Local non-profit offer services in wake of King Jay Davila's death

King Jay Davila (SBG Photo)

SAN ANTONIO - The news of King Jay's death has left many feeling helpless.

Wondering how to prevent another tragedy like this from happening again.

Now, one organization is stepping up with a plan.

Family Service Association Clinical Director Phil Ynostrosa-Travers believes King Jay Davila's death could have been prevented.

"There is so much help available for anyone who needs it," Ynostrosa-Travers said.

For more than 20 years.

Ynostrosa-Travers has been providing services to families dealing with hardship.

Family Service Association offers childhood well-being courses, parenting classes and counseling.

"There is a lot of help for those who are struggling with something," Ynostrosa-Travers said.

Services, Ynostrosa-Travers said King Jay's family could have used.

Police said his father was responsible for his death, and his relatives covered it up.

"It's a very horrible thing to happen especially to this child in particular but I don't think this is who we are in general," Ynostrosa-Travers said.

Prevention is what keeps Ynostrosa-Travers going.

"I plant a lot of seeds, we don't always see the harvest," Ynostrosa-Travers said.

To him those seeds are worth planting.

King Jay's memory lives on, but sadly he could not be saved.

Which is why Ynostrosa-Travers wants you to reach out to prevent the next tragedy.

"Please get involved," Ynostrosa-Travers said. "Your action can make a difference."


Family Service Association does not offer free services, but Ynostrosa-Travers said if you have financial trouble they will still find a way to help.

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