Local organizations aim to curb sexual violence

Local, military organizations aim to curb sexual violence

SAN ANTONIO -- New statistics from the Department of Justice show an average of nearly 300,000 people become a victim of sexual assault each year.

But today, local and military organizations are stepping up to put a stop to that number.

The slow march of time is inevitable. Sadly, so is sexual assault.

"It was somebody I knew, somebody I trusted," said Chief Master Sergeant Katie McCool, a 20-year veteran of the Air Force. "And I just chose not to say anything for a very long time."

"Statistically someone is sexually assault in the U.S. every 107 seconds," said Colonel James Royse, with the 470th Military Intelligence Brigade.

CM Sgt. McCool was assaulted 14 years ago as an up and coming military training instructor in the Air Force.

Ten years slowly ticked by before another survivor encouraged McCool to share her story.

"Sexual violence is not a military issue, a university issue, but a societal issue," said Col. Royse.

Miriam Elizondo. a co-executive director at the San Antonio Rape Crisis Center, says case workers there are taking on a steady stream of new cases.

"Two to three every single day," said Elizondo. "We have an epidemic. This is a serious issue."

On Friday, commanders at from Fort Sam Houston and members of the 470th Intelligence Brigade announced initiatives designed to prevent sexual violence through communication and awareness..

"There are victims everywhere and there are perpetrators everywhere," added McCool. "To me it just means somebody's life has changed every 107 seconds and that's a hard thing."

For more information on the #Stop107 Campaign, click here.

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To learn more about the San Antonio Rape Crisis Center, click here.

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