Local photographer gets ready for release of 'Humans of San Antonio'


SAN ANTONIO, TX - A social media photoblog turned New York Times Best Selling book is giving inspiration to a local photographer.

For every picture, a story from complete strangers. Some bad and some good.

The experiences and pictures were captured by Michael Cirlos.

"A lot of times I ask them, 'What's one memory you never want to forget?'" Cirlos said.

Cirlos asked people around Downtown San Antonio.

A place he was born and raised.

"You might have heard people say downtown is the soul of San Antonio," Cirlos said. "I definitely think that is true."

Which is why he believes the people here are special.

Hundreds of stories from us, in our community.

Immortalized in the words 'Humans of San Antonio'.


'Humans of San Antonio' is releasing Thursday, June 14 there will be a book signing at Rosella Coffee Co. in Downtown San Antonio at 6 PM.

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