Local political expert weighs in on possible Julian Castro 2020 White House run


SAN ANTONIO - Julian Castro is making a move toward a 2020 White House run.

The former San Antonio mayor announced taking the first step Wednesday.

Castro has filed paperwork to form a Presidential Exploratory Committee.

It's an early move that at least one political expert says will give him an advantage over other potential candidates.

"I believe that our country is ready for leadership that is trying to bring people together instead of tear them apart," said Julian Castro

Julian Castro addressed members of the media inside his North West side home.

During his remarks Castro reflected on his humble upbringing, and the rise of his successful career.

"My family has been able to achieve the American dream I'm thinking about running for President because I want to make sure that in this 21st century that that same American dream that was there for me will be there for every single man, woman, and child," Castro said.

The former San Antonio Mayor has filed paperwork to form a Presidential Exploratory Committee, which is a formality that precedes an official launch for candidacy.

"It just allows him to spend a little bit more money, it allows him to see what public opinion might be like if he were to formally announce a bid for candidacy for President," said Andrew Sanders.

Dr. Andrew Sanders is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Texas A & M San Antonio.

He says Castro's early announcement gives him an advantage over other potential candidates because it gets his name out early; and that's not all.

"Really there aren't a lot of minority candidates," Sanders said. "So he would have that in his favor particularly as the democrats ask how am I going to pick up votes especially across Hispanic communities."

Castro addressed remarks that he isn't considered a front-runner.

"I can't think of a time in my life where i started out as a front-runner in life," Castro said.

It didn't stop him then, he says, and it won't stop him in the future.

"I have a strong vision for the country's future and if I get into this race I look forward to articulating that," Castro said.

Castro plans to visit several cities across the country in the coming weeks.

He says he'll make a decision and a formal announcement January 12th.

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