Longtime friend remembers doctor killed while riding bike


They showed up to pay their respects.

Dozens of friends and family who knew Dr. Naji Kayruz enough to take time out of their day and pay respects at his memorial service Sunday afternoon.

You may not have met the man who died last Monday when a suspected drunk driver slammed into the bicycle he was riding..

But listen to the stories from the people who have.

"He was a saint among us all," said Dr. Linda Parsi.

Linda and her husband, Dr. John Parsi, were longtime family friends.

"It's nice to see a nice person and a kind person like him come through life and touch so many people," said John.

Listen to their stories, and maybe you'll feel as though you do know Dr. Kayruz too. At least a little.

"I knew Naji for 20 years," said John.

John was Naji's longtime cycling partner.

Over the years, the rode miles side by side.

"I would say twenty thousand miles," said John.

Exploring the country together, one state at a time.

"We went to Oklahoma, California, Wichita Falls," said John.

The list goes on and on.

And once, where there were no rooms available at a hotel, they shared a bed together.

"We two, since we were best friends, we just slept on the bed," said John.

Dr. Naji made a impact on the people he knew.

And now those people want to send a message.

"When you're driving out there, just be respectful and careful of others," said John. "Because when you take one life, it's not just one life, you touch many lives. Now, a part of mine is dead."

John said this service today was a sad occasion.

But also one to celebrate, knowing and seeing just how many lives the good doctor touched.

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