Lytle ISD investigating social media post about school shooting


LYTLE, Texas - Lytle ISD posted a message on Twitter urging students and parents not to re-post a message which claims the school received calls about a shooting this week.

Authorities said if you share the original message it's that much harder to find who posted it first.

Police believe the post came from a student.

Which is why they have a message for parents about their child's social media use.

An important message because every time there is a threat on social media.

One of just seven officers in the police department has to be taken off the street beat and put behind a keyboard.

"From start to finish, it's your case," Officer Matthew Dear said.

It's not easy to investigate a threat through social media for a small police department.

"People expect us to be out in the community, not sitting behind a desk all day long," Lytle Police Chief Richard Priest said.

Chief Priest said in his almost 19 year career, he's seen more crime related to social media than his previous 18.

Even in a small town, finding the first person who posted the message is not easy.

"There was so much re-posting it," Dear said. "At some point, we started to chase ourselves in circles."

But police said speaking with your kids is the way to keep officers on the streets and away from their desks.

"They are still young and they are impressionable," Dear said. "And they don't really know what that means on the other side."

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