Man accused of impersonating Amazon delivery driver, kidnapping ex-girlfriend

Thomas Hill is charged with assault, aggravated kidnapping, and burglary. (Photo courtesy: Williamson County Sheriff's Office)

A man is facing multiple charges after he allegedly impersonated an Amazon delivery driver to kidnap his ex-girlfriend.

According to court documents, 31-year-old Thomas Hill is charged with assault, aggravated kidnapping, and burglary.

Police responded to the Round Rock woman's home after an alarm panic button was activated. A representative of the alarm company contacted Hill at the home, but he did not have the correct password.

The female victim told the responding officers that she needed help, saying that she and Hill had separated 4 months ago after a protective order was issued to keep him away from her.

The affidavit said three days prior, someone rang her doorbell. She looked through the peep hole of her door and saw a man holding shipping boxes from Amazon. She opened her door thinking it was a delivery, but it was Hill. He pushed his way into her apartment and took her cellphone away. The victim said she could see a handgun in the waistband of Hill's pants.

For the next three days, Hill stayed by the victim's side, physically abusing her and threatening to kill her, according to court documents.

Eventually the victim was able to use a key fob to activate her silent alarm.

Hill is in custody at the Williamson County Jail with a $583,020 bond.

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