Man arrested, accused of 'trafficking of a minor'

Elijah Maleek Teel (Bexar County Sheriff's Office)

SAN ANTONIO -- Police arrested a man who they say is accused of prostituting a young girl.

An arrest affidavit states 21-year-old Elijah Maleek Teel is charged with "Trafficking of a Minor."

Records state officers were called to the 10,800 block of Interstate 35 North on October 1st concerning a missing persons report.

The caller was a mother who was reporting her daughter missing and being forced into prostitution. The officers reported the girl was found inside a room at the hotel and was with another missing girl. An adult female, who was also found with the girls, stated a man named "Rocky" was "pimping" the girls out. The woman explained that both girls had different "pimps" but that "Rocky' was the one who drove them around.

The officers were able to locate ads on "Backpage" for both girls which contained photos of the girls wearing only underwear and bras and which were soliciting "dates."

Both girls admitted being prostituted and said the suspects had been taking half of their money from the "dates." The girls told police they had run away from a rehabilitation center before meeting the suspects "Blue" and "Rocky" at a motel near North Star Mall. They said one of the suspects told them he could help make them money.

The girls told investigators the men had them take photographs of themselves and the men then made ads on the Backpage for both of them. They said the men would help set up the "dates" and would then collect half of their money at the end of the day.

Investigators obtained surveillance video from the hotel and located one of the suspects who was later identified as "Blue." They then obtained room reservation information showing when "Blue" paid for the girls' room. They were then able to locate a vehicle being driving by "Blue" and obtained a licence plate number from the video.

The vehicle was linked to Elijah Maleek Teel through a traffic citation he had received.Investigators were also able to obtain a "line-up" identification of Teel from an employee at the hotel.

While searching the victims' cell phones, they obtained a phone number saved under the name "Blue" as well as messages concerning the "dates," clients, and money. They then determined the number for "Blue" was registered to Teel.

Teel was then stopped and issued a citation for speeding on November 30th and provided a phone number that matched the number for the suspect "Blue" in the phone of one of the victims.

Teel was arrested on Monday, December 4th.

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