Man gets life sentence for UTSA student's murder

Jonathan Moreno, 20, has received a life sentence for the July 2016 murder of Rodolfo Mendiola

SAN ANTONIO - Jonathan Moreno will spend the rest of his life behind bars. The 20-year-old received a life sentence after pleading guilty to murder.

Moreno was arrested in July of 2016 for the shooting death of Rodolfo Mendiola, a 22-year-old computer engineering student at UTSA.

According to authorities, Mendiola's body was found at a relative's home in the 15000 Block of Trawalter near Lytle back on July 3, 2016.

The night before he was killed, Mendiola spent time with Moreno and a woman. Moreno allegedly later told the woman that Mendiola's house looked like a good one to rob.

Investigators would eventually find several items stolen from Mendiola’s home such as electronics, jewelry and guns, which they say Moreno intended to pawn.

A year later, Moreno has now decided to plead guilty. In return, he received a life sentence.

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