Man hopes viral Facebook video will help him battle rare form of cancer


Christmas is the season of perpetual hope.

One local man, who's battling cancer, is hoping you can help him fight back.

It was a busy Christmas for David Hinds and his family.

This is the time of year where lasting memories are made with his 3-year old son Noah and his six-month old Luke.

Opportunities for making these kinds of memories are running short.

10 years ago, David was diagnosed with stage 4 bone cancer.

“Right off the bat they start talking about statistics and things like that," said David.

David has beaten those odds

Last year he was diagnosed with another tumor and doctors told him the prognosis wasn't good.

“I’ve been through so much chemotherapy already my body has kind of adapted," said David.

While getting ready for the holidays this year, David's wife Shannon got an idea

"Really what I wanted was to have David around to watch the boys grow up.,” said Shannon. “It inspired me to want to create the video."

Shannon made this video a couple weeks ago and posted it to her Facebook page.

In the video, she shares David's story and makes one hopeful request.

“Our request is you say a huge prayer for David,” said Shannon, in the video.

The video has been viewed nearly 400,000 times and shared all over the world.

"People commented from Ireland and Egypt and just all of these places around the world saying they were praying for David," said Shannon.

The Hinds are hoping the prayers will continue so their prayer can be answered.

"He has a lot of fight and a lot of motivation just to keep going and I think that can be inspirational to other people as well,” said Shannon.

The Hinds say they've received a couple messages with some promising options.

But they hope the video will continue to spread and more treatment possibilities will be shared.

Man hopes viral Facebook video will help him battle rare form of cancer.

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