Man who gave away free pools voted 'kindest act'

Todd Arredondo was voted 'kindest act of the year' for his program that distributed free inflatable pools to needy families

Fox San Antonio’s CASH FOR KINDNESS program celebrated a milestone.

Launched one year ago, the weekly series has rewarded dozens of unsung heroes for their selflessness towards others.

Tens of thousands of dollars have been awarded over the year.

But only one kind act could be crowned "story of the year" based on votes online.

Todd Arredondo won the most votes and received the 1st annual award.

Back in June, Arredondo received CASH FOR KINDNESS for distributing free inflatable pools to struggling families.

He started the "Pools for Kids" program after a cruel post by someone on Facebook.

It mocked kids using the back of a pickup truck as a makeshift pool.

Arredondo remembered his tough upbringing and wanted to help them beat the heat.

"We started with 5 pools,” he told Fox San Antonio’s Ryan Wolf. “That's was the initial goal. And then it turned to 15 and 20. As of today, we delivered 122 swimming pools."

His kindness left parents in tears and also set the stage for a tidal wave of donations from people who wanted to support his mission after it aired on CASH ON KINDNESS.

"You know, that's what it's about,” he told Wolf. “Kindness is about inspiring people. CASH FOR KINDNESS has been a huge impact for San Antonio."

After more than a thousand votes on Fox San Antonio’s website, it was clear, Arredondo's selflessness reigned supreme.

“You were picked as the most kind act for the entire year on the program,” Wolf told him at the Fox San Antonio studio. “So congratulations on behalf of Fox San Antonio.”

Arredondo called the honor a true blessing.

It also left him choked up as he read the message on the award.

“For your selfless and inspirational mission to keep families cool with free pools,” he said. “Presented to Todd Arredondo."

He thanked the community for helping to make the mission such a big success.

He also vowed to continue it next Spring.

“For everyone who's reached out, for CASH FOR KINDNESS who supported this, it's truly an honor," he said.

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