Masked robber holds food mart cashier at gunpoint


A masked man held the cashier at El Sendero Food Mart at gunpoint Sunday evening.

Imtiaz Ahmed was working the register and restocking beer when a man with a mask entered the store.

"Once I reach in my counter, he show me gun and say give me all f*** money," said Ahmed.

Security cameras showed the suspect was hiding on the side of the store waiting for customers to leave.

" I didn't know what I had to do. The brain was not working in front of the gun. It's like I'm between dead or alive. In one second, he might kill me," said Ahmed.

Security camera footage shows the masked man come around the corner. Ahmed emptied the register.

Ahmed said he fearfully complied, remembering an armed robbery at a 711 just two weeks ago when a cashier was killed.

"It is a lesson for the other store employees what I did. I did not argue with him because I don't know could happen, he might shoot or something like that. As you know, news year eve, someone was killed in that 711 store," said Ahmed

If you have any information, contact the San Antonio Police Department.

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