Massive generator slowly moving toward San Antonio

    Massive generator (Photo: SBG San Antonio)

    A massive oversize load is causing headaches for drivers in Guadalupe County along Highway 123.

    The 2-million pound load is a giant generator and it's wider than a 2-lane highway. It's so big that it blocks almost all of Highway 123 between Stockdale and Seguin.

    Still, despite its huge size, many drivers are simply going around the beast; or using alternate routes to get around the county.

    It's also moving slowly, only about one to four miles per hour. With heavy winds predicted across South Texas on Thursday, authorities want drivers to be extra cautious while driving around the load.

    "That's really dangerous with this load," says Seguin Police Department spokesperson Tanya Brown. "We're gonna have people on the ground because when they go through intersections, they have to make sure they're clear of powerlines, so they're going to have people on the ground."

    The generator will slowly make its way toward Highway 46 on Wednesday night, meaning the ramp from Hwy. 123 to Hwy. 46 may be shut down during the move.

    The generator is destined for a power plant in East San Antonio and should arrive sometime on Friday.

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