McCollum High School will install lights after band parents concerns


Parents of McCollum High School band students are concerned over the lack of lighting where practice is held.

"We were coming in the dark, coming back in the morning in the dark and then coming again late at night so the kids were in the dark," Maricuz Martinez. "It's a safety issue."

Band members rehearse in the parking of Cowboy Hall at the McCollum High School campus. They arrive in the early morning hours and sometimes don’t get home until around midnight. With no lights in the parking lot, parents said it’s a safety concern.

"If a student walks out in the darkness, I would hate to see something happen to one of these very dedicated band members,” Martinez said.

They brought their concerns to the school district. After speaking with the director of operations, changes are coming to the parking lot.

"We will be adding a total of four new lights,” said Natalie Bobadilla of Harlandale ISD. “Two of them will go on the northeast corner and the other two will go on the southeast corner of the parking lot. We already have our electricians working on the project and we have the lights ordered.”

The lights are expected to be installed within two weeks. Martinez is pleased with the response she got from other parents and the school district.

"As soon as we contacted, people were calling and I really thank the parents, calling, taking time to do these, they immediately responded," Martinez said.

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