Marijuana to enhance sex and alleviate women's issues

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    Male enhancement, menopause, menstrual cramps and female pleasure... definitely not what most of us think about when we hear "marijuana." In Denver, Co, where recreational marijuana is legal, cannabis is now being used many for female health issues and sexual pleasure. The highest demographic using cannabis is now using it not only for health issues but also for sexual pleasure.

    "Women over the age of 45 are becoming some of the fastest usage," said James Vaca, buyer for Rocky Mountain Blaze, a marijuana dispensary.

    They say it helps with menopause and with menstrual cycle problems. And also for men if they have erectile dysfunction issues. James Vaca is the buyer for Rocky Mountain Blaze, a dispensary we found in Pueblo, Colorado.

    "We see a lot of customers coming from Texas to get the medical benefits from cannabis," said Vaca.

    Some claim cannabis helps with arthritis pain, back pains and even cancer, but a growing use is for women's health issues.

    "It can be used for menstrual cramps, any type of pains in the stomach area, sore back," said Vaca.

    Foria is one of the companies that claims to provide relief and pleasure to women suffering from bad menstrual cycles and even endometriosis. A condition of the outside of the uterus that causes heavy periods, infertility and heavy abdominal pain.

    "They have it in oil, vaginal suppository and anal suppository. There is an explorer its more for a recreational use and the relief is more medical beneficial," said Vaca.

    Some products contain CBD and other THC. The difference is that CBD that has less than .03 of THC is legal in all states. If it's more than that, it is only legal in some states like California and Colorado.

    "Your CBD is cannobodial, its your non psycho active cannabonoid. And THC is your psycho active," said Vaca.

    Now we must warn you, if women use these suppositories or oils that contain THC they will test positive for using cannabis if tested. But some ignore the risk for a euphoric orgasm that many of these products claim to produce..

    "Younger women have found what you said with the different forias and the whoopi and amaya products that are focused on women," said Vaca.

    According to a Stanford University Medical Center study published in the journal for sexual medicine, women who didn't use marijuana reported having sex 6 times average during a 4 week period.

    While those who used marijuana daily had sex 7.1 times on average.

    The results were similar for men.

    That's why there are also several products that contain THC that are now being sold to men like Canna Mojo... an enhancement pill infused with THC. A box of 5 pills cost between 40-50 dollars.

    Again the warning here is that even though you may be able to buy these pills, oils and suppositories online and have them shipped they are not legal in our state.

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