Medina County officials bust burlary ring with dozens of stolen appliances

(SBG San Antonio photo)

Deputies have busted a burglary ring in Medina County.

Investigators said dozens of stolen appliances were taken from newly built homes. The burglaries have a San Antonio connection and could involve drugs.

Medina County deputies found dozens of appliances at a storage facility on Tezel Road while executing a search warrant Friday evening. Deputies said it’s the second San Antonio storage facility they’ve been to in the last week and a half.

The appliances were taken from new homes built in Medina County along Potranco Road, investigators said.

But they aren’t just taking appliances. Deputies said they’re also making off with tile and carpet padding.

“Anything I guess that they can turn into a nickel so they can buy more dope,” said Sheriff Randy Brown. “If its stolen property there is drugs involved also.”

Brown said the burglaries could stretch into Bexar County.

“We’re pretty sure we’re good for 12 burglaries in Medina County,” Brown said. “12 different houses and probably more than that.”

Investigators have recovered dozens of appliances already from pawn shops. Brown estimates everything that’s been taken is worth more than $100,000.

Deputies said they made an arrest with help from SAPD Friday morning in connection with this investigation.

Officers found a large amount of meth and marijuana.

The police department has not confirmed the arrests yet. Medina County deputies said more arrests are possible.

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