METER MIX-UP: Disabled veteran paying utility bill for wrong home


A New Braunfels man discovered a major mix-up after realizing his utility bill did not match his meter.

"He checked the meters and found out the meter was placed on the wrong house so I've been paying my neighbor's electricity bill for two years," said Albert Springer.

Springer, a disabled veteran living in a single-story home, said he's been paying a utility bill for a family of five who lives next door in a two-story home. Their meter was registered to his account since he moved in two years ago.

"I was shocked. I never would have thought to look at my bill and look at the serial number to make sure the right meter was on my house," said Springer.

Springer's power went out Friday. He said he called New Braunfels Utility and was instructed to check his breaker. When that didn't work, the representative asked him for the number on the meter.

"He says, are you standing in front of your house? I said yes, I'm standing outside of my house. He said that's your neighbor's serial number. That's the wrong meter," said Springer.

Springer, living on disability checks, says recently, his bills were over $200 a month.

"Every penny counts. I have to cut corners where I can to save money," said Springer.

New Braunfels Utilities (NBU) said there was an "error" and three addresses were affected by it.

"When we became aware of this situation, we began the investigation process and identified that the meters were set at the incorrect locations," a spokesperson for the utilities department said.

NBU says each of the addresses now have correct meter information tied to the correct account.

Springer will receive a billing adjustment in the form of a credit or reimbursement.

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