Methodist Healthcare Ministries donates to help fight cancer

Photo: Jan Christian / CC BY-SA 2.0

SAN ANTONIO---HPV has actually been linked to 6 different kinds of cancer including cervical and mouth and throat cancer as well.

According to some studies over 50 percent of Americans have the human papilloma-virus or HPV, and approximately 6 thousand Texans lose their lives each year to one of these kinds of cancers.

Dr. Michael Lane, Methodist Healthcare Ministry Board Member explains, "The HPV virus has been shown to cause cellular change that causes the cancer. So our hope is that if we can prevent the virus from making those changes in the cells themselves then you will not develop the cancer.”

According to Dr. Lane immunizing against the virus when they are young can be crucial. The idea is to stop the virus before it ever starts.

"To prevent them from acquiring the disease prior to the vaccination. So most young patients aren't sexually active in their early teenage years so if you can catch them prior to becoming sexually active before they get exposed to the virus that's when you want to catch them."

The 2 year prevention initiative will allow the American Cancer Society to partner with three federally qualified health centers: Amistad Community Health Center, Atascosa Health Center and CentroMed.

Kaela Momtselidze from the American Cancer Society says, "So our family qualified health centers really specialize in helping our un-insured and under insured population so we're really aiming to work with them."

Methodist Healthcare Ministires donated 500 thousand dollars to the American Cancer Society for this project to help.

"The ministry is doing this because we are absolutely involved in the community for unfunded patients,"

Explains Kevin Moriarty, President and CEO for Methodist Healthcare Ministries.

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