'Miracle child' passes away; Family hopes she can be miracle for other families

Chevelle Sandoval was once described as a miracle child after several bouts with serious illnesses and a rare form of epilepsy. She passed away in January of 2019 and her family hopes her organs will save others' lives. (Photo courtesy the Sandoval family)

Chevelle Sandoval, a 10-year-old girl who once garnered the love and attention of many faithful San Antonians following several miraculous recoveries, has passed away.

The little girl, who suffered epileptic seizures since the age of 2 months, suffered another seizure over the weekend and did not survive. Doctors say her brain is no longer showing any sign of activity.

We first brought you Chevelle's story in 2015, when Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller prayed over the little girl and baptized her in her hospital room.

Several epileptic seizures had left her suffering with pneumonia and her lungs were shutting down. Her family believed they were losing her at the time, but after the archbishop's visit, she survived.

Now, her family is hoping for another miracle. The family says Chevelle is an organ donor and while they believe she has died, doctors are keeping her body alive while they assess whether any of her organs can save another's life.

"Chevelle was a miracle and it is the parents' wish that she can be a part of someone else's miracle, so they have decided to proceed with organ donation," said a family member. "She finds some comfort in knowing through her others will live and that a part of Chevelle will also live."

Meanwhile, the family is planning Chevelle's funeral arrangements. A GoFundMe page was established to help the family after the family's life insurance company declined to cover Chevelle's final arrangements.

If you can help, click here.

You can see the previous story on Chevelle below.

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