Missing baby case painful reminder for family of New Braunfels toddler

Joshua Davis was 18 months old when he vanished from his family's New Braunfels home on February 4th, 2011.

NEW BRAUNFELS - The search for 8-month-old King Jay Davila is bringing back painful memories for the family of another missing boy.

February 4th marks eight years since little Joshua Davis disappeared from his family’s mobile home in New Braunfels. His family still doesn't know what happened to the toddler, but Joshua's grandmother has since become an advocate for other families of missing people, sharing her perspective as someone who truly knows that pain.

Not a day goes by that Natalie Vargas doesn't think about her grandson.

"Holidays, birthdays, and anniversary dates are the worst," Vargas says.

The toddler with the big brown eyes and beaming smile was last seen on a very cold February night in 2011.

"I don't believe that he's deceased," Vargas tells us. "I just believe that somebody has him."

New Braunfels Police have said evidence shows Joshua was possibly injured and then removed from the home before he was reported missing.

"We believe that the family and those that were in the house that night have not been fully truthful with the information about the events of that night," David Ferguson of the New Braunfels Police Department said during a news conference in February of 2016.

Now comes a new high-profile search for a missing child, with so many people wondering what happened to King Jay Davila.

"It hits home, and it hits home hard," Vargas says.

Joshua Davis was 18 months old when he vanished.

"But now we're talking about an 8-month-old baby that may not even know how to crawl," Vargas says. "When that was me in that situation, I didn't know what to do. I was walking around in shock. You know, what do you do when you have a missing family member? Especially a baby?"

Eight years later, Natalie still has a Facebook page dedicated to finding Joshua. And much like the people trying to find King Jay, she still has so many questions.

"How are they getting away with this," Vargas wonders. "Who is responsible? This is a baby we're talking about. Somebody had to see something. Somebody has to know something."

Joshua Davis would turn ten years old this August. If you know anything about what happened to him, call New Braunfels Police.

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