Mom frantic to find missing baby believed to be in San Antonio

    Mom frantic to find missing baby believed to be in San Antonio

    Justine Torres says she's is frantic to find her missing infant daughter.

    Torres says before she gave birth, she thought about placing her newborn for adoption, since she already has two young children.

    Torres went on to say through a relative, she met a woman from San Antonio who wanted her daughter.

    "I met her. She seemed like a really nice woman and we were in contact still up until I gave birth," said Torres.

    Torres' daughter, Yariza Ramirez, was born February 21st. The young mom says soon after her daughter was born, she and the woman who wanted to care for her daughter signed a notarized temporary guardianship letter.

    The letter signed on February 27th allowed the woman to care for Torres' daughter.

    Shortly after she visited her daughter on March 21st, when she turned a month old, Torres said she called the woman and told her she wanted her daughter back.

    "I told her the notary says temporary, you know, and she just said, ‘No, you can't do that,’ and she just blocked off all of her accounts. I've lost contact with her and I have no idea where they are at," said Torres.

    Torres, who is from Crystal City, filed a Missing Person’s report with the Zavala County Sheriff's Office.

    Zavala County Sheriff Eusevio Salinas tells Fox San Antonio his deputies are working with the San Antonio Police Department on this missing persons case.

    Torres is also working with the Heidi Search Center in hopes of finding her daughter.

    The Heidi Search Center says Yaritza Ramirez was last seen near Jackson Keller road.

    Fox Antonio also went to the place where the woman is believed to live, but no one came to the door.

    If you know anything on the whereabouts of baby Yaritza, call the Zavala County Sheriff's Office at (830) 374-3615 or the Heidi Search Center at (210) 650-0428.

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