More arrests expected after massage parlors shut down

More arrests expected after massage parlors shut down

LEON VALLEY -- An investigation continues in Leon Valley after three massage parlors have been closed by authorities.

"Each one of them had two people living inside, " said Chief Joe Salvaggio.

Sunshine Massage, Healing Massage, and Massage and Spa have all been shut down.

All three businesses are located in strip malls along Bandera road in Leon Valley.

"Nobody spoke English, we are able to translate through a google translator. Everybody had immigration, their resident cards, so they were allowed to be here under the current laws, " Salvaggio went on to say.

Police arrested 49-year-old Ying Tong for prostitution. State records show Tong as the owner of Sunshine Massage.

Salvaggio says 59-year-old Suhua Jiang was also arrested for giving massages without a license.

"Had been here for a short period of time from California." Others were given tickets for health and safety violations.

Salvaggio says this investigation involves eleven people, five owners, and six others living in the establishments, all of Chinese descent.

Salvaggio went on to say because of a new law in Leon Valley the massage parlors will not be allowed to open back up in their current locations.

The establishments Salvaggio says must now be in a stand-alone building, a thousand feet away from a school, bus stop or residence.

"We're not gonna tolerate criminal activity in our community."

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