Mother claims young son was abused at home daycare center


Police in Fredericksburg are looking into allegations of child abuse at a home daycare center.

The chief of police says they just received the case Thursday.

Now Child Protective Services is looking into it.

"I never expected for my son to have to go through something like this," said the mother.

We're not revealing this mother's identity in order to protect the child's safety.

The mother of the boy says she just started taking her son to this home daycare center earlier this week.

On Wednesday afternoon, she discovered this on her son's backside after picking up her 2 1/2-year-old son from daycare

“That’s whenever I saw this bruise and I kind of freaked out,” said the mother.

The mother says she received a couple videos earlier in the day from the woman taking care of her son

“Explaining to me that somehow this board had come off of her porch step and he fell or the board hit him,” said the mother.

The mother says the home that operates as a daycare is about a mile away from her home.

She says the woman who lives here usually takes care of about five or six toddlers each day.

When she tried to drop off her son on Thursday morning

“He lost it,” said the mother. “He fought me in the car seat when I was trying to get him out. He was terrified to go in there with her."

She instead took her son to the emergency room to be examined by a doctor and made a report with police.

Fredericksburg police say they can't release too many details because it's an active investigation.

We stopped by the home daycare center and the woman inside declined to be interviewed.

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