Mother handcuffed and detained at her son's high school graduation

Mother handcuffed at son's graduation ceremony (Image courtesy viewer)

SAN ANTONIO - A woman is livid after she says she was detained and handcuffed at her son's high school graduation.

She says it happened all because her son waved while walking across the stage.

Anna Martinez says she's sounding off because every other student waved even the Valedictorian but not everyone was detained like her son.

Handcuffed and hauled away by San Antonio ISD Police during her youngest son's high school graduation.

"Emotionally I was distraught, I was embarrassed," Anna Martinez said.

What was supposed to be a day of celebration and fond memories turned into a jaw dropping, you have got to be kidding me moment.

"He yanked my arm, he yanked it so hard he yanked it twice and my arm went up and I kept on begging him, please you’re hurting me," Martinez recounted.

Her son, 18-year old Luis Martinez was among dozens of students graduating this week from Highlands High School.

A video obtained by Fox San Antonio shows student after student breaking the rules when they waved to family members and friends; but not all of them were detained back stage.

"These children waved, they spent their four years working so hard. I saw my son studying, coming and going, then when he became a father, working part-time going to school," Martinez said. "Doing all of that and he waved and because he waved he was told no you can't finish what you started it ends here, because you waved."

Anna Martinez wondered why she didn't see her son go back to his seat. It became clear when he called her from his cell phone back stage.

"He says mom, they're not going to give me my diploma and I said 'What?'" Martinez said.

She went looking for answers and the person in charge.

"Everything was too overwhelming for me," Martinez explained.

In a statement, San Antonio ISD Spokeswoman Leslie price said, "Attempts were made to diffuse the situation... But she continued to try to gain access to the stage."

It's a claim Martinez denies.

"I said so what do I have to do then, do I have to go on stage to talk to him? What? And she's like she's going to go on stage, she wants to go on stage," Martinez said. "And before you know it he grabbed me from my arm and he was putting the cuffs on me. I was like what are you doing you're hurting me, you're hurting me."

"I could just feel the metal of the handcuff just like digging into my skin and a really bad burning experience that just radiated through my arm," Martinez said. "I couldn't stand it."

Martinez is sharing her story to teach school leaders a lesson on knowing when it's okay to bend the rules.

"How can you control an emotion, sometimes you can't especially something so spectacular," Martinez said.

We're told school administrators did not see the Valedictorian wave because it was at the beginning of the ceremony while they were lining other students up.

It's unclear how many students were detained, but all were able to receive their diploma at the end of the ceremony.

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