Mother looking for new home after truck leaves hole in her apartment

    NORTHEAST SIDE - A mother of three's apartment struck by a truck, now she says the complex is asking her to leave.

    "We've been here for less than three months," Michelle Farley said.

    Now she has to find a new home.

    "It doesn't feel good, it's not right," Farley said.

    It's all because a truck struck her unit.

    Soon after that happened she said her apartment complex told her she had to leave.

    "They said they don't have another apartment for us to go to," Farley said.

    But Farley doesn't buy it.

    "This big of a complex and you have no where for us to go?" Farley said.

    They've given her eight days to get the rest of her stuff.

    We wanted to ask the apartment complex about Farley's situation and they refused to comment and kicked us off the property.

    Now, Farley and her kids are living in a hotel room.

    Financed from her local church and Red Cross as she waits for her security deposit.

    Overall, Farley said she still feels grateful no one was hurt.


    If you would like to donate to Michelle Farley's Gofundme account, click here.

    For more on tenant's rights, click here.

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