Mother of paralyzed man shot, killed shares details from that night

(Photo courtesy of family)

A man paralyzed from the neck down was shot after multiple rounds were fired into his living room on the East side. He suffered a gun shot wound to the head and later died.

“When I heard them shots, I flew on the ground. They was coming so fast and I was just crying saying, oh please, why are they doing this?" said the victim's mother Alvenia Sneed.

The victim, 36-year-old Steven Pickens, was sitting in his mobile chair when bullets riddled the home.

“He couldn’t even defend himself. He couldn’t even throw himself out the chair," said Sneed.

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Sneed was in the next room sitting at the edge of her bed when shots came firing through the walls.

"I was so scared, you know, I just didn't understand. Why would they kill a paralyzed person, paralyzed from the neck down? What was the point?" said Sneed.

Sneed believes the shooting may be connected to a 2017 attack that Pickens had survived. She says in January 2017, Pickens was shot multiple times which left him paralyzed. He spent months in rehabilitation centers and nursing homes. She believes he was targeted by the people involved in the first shooting.

“These people were heartless to come over and shoot up somebody paralyzed from the neck down. That’s a person who has no heart," said Sneed.

She has now moved out of the home as she and his family wait for justice.

“I will never understand that, never, but I forgive them for doing it. But I want justice to be served," said Sneed.

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