Mother rushes son to hospital after peanut allergy scare in classroom

Peanut Allergy Scare.PNG

San Antonio- A mother is upset after her son was given candy at school containing something that could have killed him.

“My son could've died today in your care, and your hand for something that you gave him,” said Donna Guerra.

Guerra says she had to rush her son to the emergency room after he ate a piece of candy he should have never had.

“My son is allergic. He's actually anaphylactic to peanuts. He will stop breathing,” she said.

The incident happened Thursday at Vineyard Ranch Elementary school.

Guerra says her son, who is autistic and unable to speak, was given the peanut based candy by a teacher's aide.

Aubrey Chancellor with the North East Independent School District says the incident should have never happened.

“There should not have been peanut products in the classroom. Obviously a mistake was made,” said Chancellor.

Although mistakes happen, Guerra is more upset that the school's nurse didn't administer an EpiPen to her son.

“Someone should have called 9-1-1 and he should have been administered the lifesaving EpiPen that we dropped off for him,” said Guerra.

According to the district, at the time of the incident no emergency was detected and the doctor's note needed to administer the auto-injector was expired.

“He was not exhibiting any shortness of breath there was no anaphylaxis shock. It was simply swollen eyes at that time,” said Chancellor.

Guerra’s son is home recovering, still dealing with a swollen face.

As the district continues its investigation, changes are being made right away to prevent a similar incident from happening to another child.

“Now there will be a food log in the classroom,” said Chancellor.

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