Multiple child abduction attempts on Northside


Two potential abductions happening right down the street from one another, the first at Thornton Elementary School, the second less than half a block away at the Little Red Caboose Day Care.

In both instances a woman drove into the drop off lanes, and tried to get a child to get into her car.

At Thornton Elementary, the young boy went and got his parents immediately, which Barry Perez with the Northside School District says was the right thing to do.

"We certainly do commend that young man for making sure his parent knew exactly what was going on." Perez said.

The day after the incident, Thornton Principal Justin Bledsoe sent this letter to parents:

"Any campus administrator any campus staff is going to want to make sure the parents of that school know they are concerned about student safety that's exactly why the letter went out." Perez said.

The San Antonio Police Department said in a statement:

"The accused has been taken to a medical facility for a medical evaluation, this was the most appropriate action given the facts at the time of the incident. The San Antonio Police Department continues to investigate the case."

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