Murder of 13-year-old Brownwood girl remains unsolved 29 years later

For the last five years, Shane Agan has been the groundskeeper at the Greenleaf Cemetery in Brownwood.

Every day, Agan mows grass and cuts weeds around headstones, but there is a grave that he passes regularly that tugs at his heart.

Agan was just 19 years old when 13-year-old Amanda Goodman of Brownwood was murdered.

"With a child, it really is heartbreaking,” Agan said. “And especially with Amanda, she hasn't had any kind of justice to what has happened to her.”

Goodman was shot in the head on May 16, 1989 while on her way home from Brownwood Middle School and a motorist found her body 10 miles south of Brownwood, along Indian Creek Road.

The Brown County Sheriff's Office oversees her murder investigation and Sgt. Scott Bird, the current lead criminal investigator at the Brown County Sheriff's Office, said that Goodman's case has been reopened several times in the last few years, but has not generated any new leads.

However, Bird stopped short of characterizing Goodman's murder as a cold case.

"Right now, it's just an unsolved murder, anytime we get information on one of those cases, we go right back to it like any other case we'd work," Bird said.

There are not any suspects in the murder case and no one has ever been arrested in connection to Goodman's murder.

"Anytime you have a case that's 30 years old, you don't have the technology back then to collect the evidence, save evidence, process evidence and DNA wasn't even heard of," Bird said.

According to Sgt. Bird, the Brown County Sheriff’s Office did send out some evidence found in Goodman’s case for DNA testing, but no DNA signatures were recovered from any pieces of evidence.

As for Shane Agan, he will continue to visit the site of Goodman's grave, which is a painful reminder of Brownwood's past.

"It's a gut punch, it's something no community would ever want to face,” Agan said.

Agan hopes that one day Amanda Goodman's family can get closure through her killer being captured and getting placed behind bars.

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