Strawberries on Nachos? Welcome to the Poteet Strawberry Festival

Poteet Strawberry Festival (SBG Photo / Jordan Dietterich)

POTEET, Texas - 71 years running, and probably 71 different ways to eat a strawberry.

At the Poteet Strawberry Festival 2018 everyone was given a taste of spring fun. Featuring a lot of amusement rides and games, the annual event was no disappointment for a Sunday family outing. By the way, it's still challenging to try and throw a ring around a top of a bottle.

Some of the entertainment even included a guy juggling knives while balancing on a rolling board.

But what was more impressive to see was just how many variations of strawberries could be served. It was like Forrest Gump and Bubba were reading off different ways to cook and eat shrimp.

Chocolate dipped strawberries, strawberry funnel cake, strawberry jam, strawberry smoothies, deep fried strawberries, strawberries on a stick, strawberry shortcake and strawberry wine (for the adults of course).

The event even had strawberry covers for their trash cans. Wonder if children were going up to them as if it was a giant scratch and sniff?

Then out of nowhere, someone with a plate that looked like dessert heaven. Strawberries on nachos, with your wildest dessert topping dreams. Mouth drooling, jaw dropping is an understatement. Next year, put this one on your to try list.

Before you could even get to the fruit of spring, a small-town showed its roots. Parking in a corn-type field was like a blast in time. Then as you were walking to the festival, a jolly looking farmer made your day.

"Hop over the fence, free rides to the festival!"

His tractor had four cabs that brought people near the "parking lot" right to the front gate. That easily helped a lot of people who may have walking problems enjoy the festival that much more.

Now if this was actually a family outing, one could resemble the Poteet Strawberry Festival 2018 to a movie that just celebrated its 25th year anniversary.

Baseball wasn't something - it was life.

Well, strawberries aren't something - they were life.

The Sandlot.

The part of all the kids going to the fair, hopping on amusement rides and enjoying themselves (not the chew - though it was hilarious) was this in a nutshell, or strawberry bush have you. One that if parents brought their child or children, the car ride home included lots of prize winnings. Goldfish, giant teddy bears or a big plush strawberry and of course lots of strawberries.

Being the star of the show - these strawberries were just delicious. With around 40 local vendors showcasing their finest strawberries, there was a lot of decisions to be made.

Choices that included strawberries with a touch of Texas: turkey legs and tacos.

You also couldn't forget about their 2018 Fiesta medal. A red or green ribbon that has the state of Texas and its colors, a water tower that has "Poteet" up its stem and at the top is not your traditional water tower, but a strawberry.

The "Strawberry Capital of Texas'" festival had it all, and something you may not have known: scholarships.

For more than two decades, the Poteet Strawberry Festival Association (PSFA) started a Scholarship Program. Their goal was "to see that those who wished to graduate and earn a degree could, enabling them to become more productive citizens."

A town of no more than 4,000 residents hosts an event that draws in 100,000 plus Texans, and thinks about its future. Because of all these festival goers, around 30 Poteet graduates are thanking you for helping them better themselves through college.

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