Naked, homeless people having sex in the streets

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SAN ANTONIO - They're visuals neighbors say they simply cannot unsee.

Naked, homeless people having sex outside vacant homes in Prospect Hill.

Neighbors are fed up with the squatters, and want to know what city leaders are going to do about it.

Reporter Darian Trotter asks, "Have you seen them nude? Yes," a store owner replied.

This store owner doesn't want to be identified. She has to shoo away the homeless sleeping in front of her corner store just about every morning.

She's also seen them engaging in adult behavior.

Trotter asked, "Doing what? Sex, I mean they just don't care," she replied.

Neighbors say they've seen nude men and women sleeping on the porch of vacant homes.

Raymond Lopez said, "I have seen them passed out on the streets sometimes."

Raymond Lopez has lived in Prospect Hill for more than 18-years.

He says the worst part is the heavy foot traffic from the nearby Bexar County Jail and Haven For Hope homeless shelter.

"I'm concerned about the kids because some of these guys they don't seem to care what they do and as far as participating in sex they don't care what age you are," Lopez said.

Neighbors say homeless men and women routinely break into vacant homes.

"That green house right there," a unidentified neighbor pointed out. "People go into the back of the house and get in and stay there. There's some cops who come and tell them to get out but still go in there."

Large groups of the homeless are seen coming and going for weeks at a time.

"It's not good, especially in the winter time because they light fires inside the houses and that causes fires," Lopez said.

Within the past year San Antonio police have responded to 25 disturbance calls, 13 calls for a suspicious person, four mental health calls, three for criminal mischief, and one call for lewd behavior.

"I really feel sorry for them because they don't have a place to stay really," the neighbor said.

District 5 Councilwoman Shirley Gonzales says a Strike Force has been formed with SAPD, code Compliance and the Department of Human Services.

Neighbors are being asked to help provide addresses where nudity and public sexual activity are happening by calling the Collins Garden Library Field Office, located at 200 N. Park (210) 207-0960.

You can also contact leaders with the Las Palmas Field Office, located at 803 Castroville road, #218 (210) 207-0990.

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