Neighbor chases off gunmen who shot at teenagers

A SUV three teenagers were riding in Sunday morning sits in a neighbor's front yard after a shooting that was captured on video (SBG Photo)

Investigators are still trying to identify two gunmen caught on camera shooting at three teenagers early Sunday morning.

Today, police say they turned over some information on the case to Crimestoppers.

"[The] front of the car this is where one of the tires was,” said Luis Chavez. “So this is where the vehicle had stopped."

Chavez woke up to a noise a little after 4 am Sunday.

He thought a drunk driver had crashed into his yard.

Instead he found a red SUV with three teenagers inside and a car out in the street.

"As soon as I saw the vehicle and they started screaming, 'They're following us, they're shooting at us,’” said Chavez.

Just a few minutes earlier police say three teenagers shot video of two men crouching in the bushes in front of a home on Jaybrook Drive.

The suspects began shooting at them when they left their hiding places a few moments later.

The teenagers drove away, eventually ending up in Chavez's front yard.

"They intended to kill those kids,” said Chavez. “They're intent was to hurt those kids. Had we not opened the door Lord knows what would've happened to those kids."

Chavez says a dark colored car was in the street but couldn't say how many people were inside.

"I ran out with a pistol as soon as I came outside that vehicle bolted, it took off,” said Chavez. “There were five rounds fired in the front yard."

Chavez hopes the suspects are found soon.

"Everybody is on high alert,” said Chavez.

The Texas Rangers are now assisting with the investigation.

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