Neighbor shot several times after confronting driver about crash

A neighbor was shot after confronting a driver about a crash on Saunders Avenue on Monday, March 5, 2018. (Photo: Sinclair Broadcast Group)

A man was shot several times after he confronted a driver who reportedly drove a car into a house on the West Side early Monday morning.

The man was shot in the upper thigh and neighbors say he's out of surgery and doing much better

According to the San Antonio Police Department, two people were in a white car heading east on Saunders Avenue near South Zarzamora when the car collided with a parked car just after 2 a.m.

“The first thing we heard was a very, very, very, loud bang,” said Catherine Eldred.”

Catherine Eldred, who lives on Saunders Avenue with her mom and grandmother, were about to go to bed around two Monday morning.

Police say the driver of a white Lexus lost control and crashed into a couple of Eldred's cars before hopping the curb, plowing through a fence and some railing, before stopping right in front of her grandmother's bedroom window.

Police say the two men inside the car took off but came back a few minutes later.

Eldred came outside to look at the damage.

"That's when I see two guys on our porch,” said Eldred. “There's a guy in an orange shirt and a guy in a red shirt."

Eldred says the man in the orange shirt is her neighbor from across the street.

“The guy in the orange shirt had a knife,” said Eldred. “He held it to the guy's throat to try and stop him from getting away."

Eldred went back inside. A few minutes later she heard a gunshot.

Police say the passenger shot the 49-year old neighbor in the leg.

The victim was taken to University Hospital in critical condition.

Nobody inside Eldred's house was hurt.

Investigators say after the shooting, the two suspects got away running westbound down Saunders Avenue.

Police have not made any arrests.

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