Neighborhood on high alert after dogs attack woman

(SBG San Antonio photo)

Homeowners in one neighborhood just north of San Antonio are worried about a group of dogs.

According to residents in Timberwood Park, a woman was chased down and attacked over the weekend.

We aren’t sure of the extent of the woman’s injuries, however, neighbors say there have been similar incidents before.

“You just look for something to defend yourself,” said one person running in the area Wednesday. “I decided to go online and get one of these.”

One jogger we spoke with on Wednesday was carrying a collapsing baton on his run. The runner, who wanted to remain anonymous, told us he started carrying protection after a bad encounter with roaming dogs a few weeks ago.

Residents in a Timberwood Park Facebook group also express their concerns about the wandering pack of dogs. Some people mention carrying golf clubs, or knives, to feel safe walking outside.

“I just don’t know if they belong to someone, or if someone dropped them off out here,” said Elaine Maitland who lives in the neighborhood.

Maitland describes three medium-sized black dogs that wander the area causing trouble. We drove around the neighborhood this afternoon, and only found one pup who wasn't in a fenced-in yard.

“We don’t want her to be attacked,” said Elaine referring to her dog.

Officials from Bexar County tell us they’ve received phone calls about the problem dogs, and have responded to the area.

Animal control recommends giving them a call if you have dogs you’re worried about in your neighborhood.

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