Neighbors speak out about growing homeless issue on Nolan Street

Homeless issue on Nolan Street.JPG

SAN ANTONIO – A homeless problem on the east side is not getting any better.

San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) reports show dozens of disturbances, assaults, and thefts on Nolan Street.

Carsten Griffin has been capturing illegal activity on his patio camera since June of this year.

“Our neighbors have been harassed and we know there is only a matter of time before somebody gets hurt,” said Griffin.

Griffin claims part of the problem is due to the Catholic Worker House, which is located down the street at 626 Nolan Street.

It's a non-profit that provides support to homeless people in the area who are in need of food and basic services.

The Catholic Worker House owns and operates the house and different agencies provide the meals, according to the City's Department of Human Services.

“We don't have control over any person homeless or otherwise. What they do off of our property. We are just as concerned about the neighborhood staying clean we talk to our guests on a daily basis about the importance of being good neighbors,” said Karl Graf, President of the Board of Trustees for the Catholic Worker House.

Over the last year to date, police records for San Antonio’s Catholic Worker House show numerous reported threats, disturbances, some involving a knife or gun and assaults in progress.

“I'm just frustrated. I think I’m speaking for all my neighbors,” said Griffin.

Despite routine patrols, the Dignowity Neighborhood Association said it's not enough.

“We are not trying to kick out homeless ministries or anything like that. We want them to do better. We want them to be better neighbors and provide long term solutions to these issues,” said Brian Dillard, President of the Dignowity Hill Neighborhood Association.

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