Neighbors worry about a large homeless camp on the Westside

Large homeless camp concerns

Multiple viewers reached out to us, concerned about an apparent homeless camp on San Antonio’s westside.

The camp is in a wooded area off Rousseau Street, near Potranco Road.

“We could get them help,” said Michael Cornelius. “Just don’t live in the woods.”

In just one hour on Thursday, our camera recorded at least 6 homeless people walking not far from Forester Elementary School.

“There are at least 20 people living in the bush here,” said Mario Tiscareno.

Those that live nearby tell us, they’re scared.

“I don’t know why they’re back there,” said Michael. “I’m worried about theft. You just don’t know what these people are going to do.”

“They may not all be bad,” said Mario. “All it takes is one to do something terrible.”

One of the homeless people from camp approached us in the afternoon. The man identified himself as Jacob Better.

“We aren’t going to harm anyone,” said Jacob. “Unless they mess with us, in any type of disrespectful way.”

Jacob wouldn’t tell us much about the camp, but he believes it’s the best place for him to live.

“Are you choosing to be homeless?”, we asked Jacob. “Yes sir,” he responded.

According to San Antonio law, it’s illegal to camp on public land within city limits. Also, if the area is private, it could be considered trespassing.

“We’re told that they’ll look into it,” said Michael. “Nothing has happened.

District 4 councilman Rey Saldana provided the below statement.

“I am grateful that neighbors have made us aware of the situation and concerns with respect to the homeless encampment on Potranco and Rousseau. We are taking a comprehensive approach with the support of SAPD and Haven for Hope. Ensuring public safety and offering assistance to our neediest residents is a top priority. Too often we have tried to arrest away the problem or move it elsewhere.”

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