New app created in San Antonio allows people to build profile of dreams

(Photo: SBG San Antonio)

This week is "Start Up Week," and there is a new app created in San Antonio that just launched Wednesday to help people with their dreams and future.

Whether someone wants to work on their career, start an adventure or even get better at fitness, the app called "One Million Dreams" allows and reminds one to take action, building a profile of one's dreams.

The app was created in San Antonio so people who live in the area can have a tool and platform to achieve their dreams. It is free to download on a phone, and the idea behind the app started in District 2 on the East Side.

The founders found inspiration from helping at risk youth become dreamers and doers through a "dream mentor program," with a vision to focus on education and keep high school students in school.

One of the creators, Winslow Swart, said they believe this app will empower school districts across the city and give students a tool kit so they can make their dreams a reality with a purpose.

"Our vision right now is to be able to positively impact as many people as possible and from there we will work on the business and right now we are working on social impact," Swart said. "Putting San Antonio on the map as being an epicenter for a place that creates a social platforms that can make a world a better place. It's exciting to be part of that."

The goal is to impact millions of people around the world, and anyone can download this app for free.

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