New details emerge in teen murder case

Zachariah Bostic (Photo courtesy his family)

LEON VALLEY - Big updates in the unsolved murder of a teenager we featured on our 'On The Run' segment back in April.

It's a cold case heating up in Leon Valley and tonight they are releasing new information with hopes of catching the killer.

Detectives want to know where Zachariah Bostic was in the hour before his murder.

They tell us that could be the key to catching the killer.

Detective Terry Brooks has been trying to solve Bostic's murder for nearly a month now.

Bostic's parents last saw him at nine o'clock at night on Prentiss Drive.

An hour later and his body was laying on the same street.

Now, a memorial stands right where he was found.

Detective Brooks believes whoever killed Bostic knew him.

They are urging the public to step forward with any information regarding Bostic's murder.

Please contact San Antonio Crimestoppers or Leon Valley PD if you have any information.

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