New Frio County Sheriff moves to re-open the county's shuttered jail


FRIO COUNTY - Making good on a campaign promise.

The Frio County Sheriff is planning to take the next step in reopening the jail.

The County Jail was shut down three years ago for failure to adhere to state jail standards.

Now the new sheriff is pushing to have it re-opened as a fully functioning jail.

"It looks positive," said Sheriff De Leon.

Sheriff Albert De Leon is caustiously optimistic about keeping his campaign promise of

re-opening the Frio County Jail.

"We're just strictly right now a 3-day holding facility," De Leon said.

The Texas Commission on Jail Standards voted three years ago to close the facility because it repeatedly failed to meet state standards.

Since then the county has paid $50-dollars a day for every inmate housed in seven neighboring counties.

"Our budget for housing inmates is like $300,000.00 and we're pretty much peaked out," De Leon explained. "So instead of paying $300,000 that's $300,000 we can keep in the county."

Re-opening the jail would not only save taxpayer dollars, it would also create more than 100 jobs.

"Jailers, kitchen, maintenance personnel," De Leon said.

Commissioners Court has already paid for several upgrades; including the installation of a new water system.

Wednesday Sheriff De Leon plans to ask the court to fund the remaining repairs and upgrades.

"Intercom system, camera systems, control boards, make sure all the doors are operational," De Leon said. "I'm hoping by the end of the year we're open up as a fulltime facility."

Sheriff De Leon doesn't expect an immediate answer from Commissioners Court; but he says he'll make his case Wednesday to keep things moving in the right direction.

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