New lab at UTSA opens possibilities for future of downtown


A major tech reveal on UTSA’s campus has students and professors excited, but right now it’s city tech industry leaders like David Heard, CEO of TechBloc, who say the biggest impact could be felt right here.

“This is probably the biggest thing to happen for downtown San Antonio and for Tech in the last 20-30 years.”

Vanessa Kenon, Assistant Vice Provost for IT at UTSA said the opening of the digital experience lab is creating a whole new world for students.

“It’s a space where faculty, students, and staff can come and learn about all the latest technology.” Said Kenon, “Virtual reality is really picking up these days especially for students who are working engineering jobs.”

By simply putting on a headset students at UTSA have access to a full digital laboratory including complete biology excitements.

“Employers are going to be looking for people who have this advanced technology training.” Kenon said

Heard said this type of early access to top tech advancements could change the entire future of the downtown landscape.

“You cannot have a vibrant tier 1 tech city without a tier 1 research and innovation university driving that and UTSA is becoming that type of tier one university.” Heard said.

And even thinks with time, the technology can reboot and revive the talent pool of prospects here.

“We want them to grow that student population and we want those students to be trained in the latest greatest skill sets with regard to innovation.” Heard said.

All with the goal of creating a partnership primed for a tech driven tomorrow.

“Access to talent is the number one driver of a vibrant healthy tech economy in any city, and UTSA is our lead horse.” Heard said.

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