New 'Pothole Patrol' team hits city streets

New 'Pothole Patrol' team hits city streets

SAN ANTONIO – A new city team called Pothole Patrol is now dedicated to fixing potholes within two business days.

Fixing the eyesores became a city priority after a survey showed 80% of respondents said if they came across a pothole, they didn’t report it - usually because they didn’t know how.

On average, the city seals up 5,000 potholes a month. This month, the city commits to repairing 7,500.

"We're well on our way,” says Paul Berry, spokesperson for the city’s Transportation and Capital Improvements Department. “Right now we're at about 6,500 potholes repaired with half the month left, so we think we're going to crush that."

But the only way repairs get done is if the next time you see a pothole, you pick up the phone and call 311.

"Eighty percent of the potholes we repair are ones that we go out and find ourselves,” Berry says. “That means only 20% of the potholes repaired are coming in from residents calling 311."

Frank Garcia watched the Pothole Patrol work near his home on Roosevelt.

"They're a lot more than potholes. They're craters now,” he describes the eyesores near Roosevelt Park. "We're the ones that have to go through the expenditure of repairing tires or replacing tires and rims."

He’s glad to see progress but worries heavy traffic will just make those potholes reappear.

"I would like to see more accountability of who is responsible for coming and ensure that they're fixed,” Garcia says.


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