New task force tackles crime on the West Side

New crime task force.PNG

District 5 Councilman Shirley Gonzales has a new crime task force targeting violent criminals on the West Side.

“A house that was an active drug house had been targeted,” Gonzales said.

The councilwoman said police took down what was once an active drug house on Buena Vista near Zarzamora. It's the most recent success she has seen with her newly formed crime task force. It’s made up of Staff Member, San Antonio police, SAFFE officers and community neighbors.

“We've targeted specific violent criminals,” Gonzales said.

The group uses calls to 911 to identify crime hot spots on the West Side. The data collected is then handed over to police to investigate.

“Were the most property crimes are happening, where the most violent crimes are happening,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales said she's identified areas that need more resources and placed officers there by using the task force.

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